Joe Yazbeck stages his 2016 International Speaking Tour that includes numerous seminars and workshops and special media events in Kiev, Ukraine, Saint Petersburg and Moscow, Russia, Budapest, Hungary, Bratislava, Slovakia and Prague and Brno Czech Republic as well as conducting 2 vital Public Relations and Effective Presentation Conventions in Aruba, Curacao and Bonaire in the Caribbean.

Joe Yazbeck’s 2016 International Speaking Tour Dates are as Follows:

March 29 – April 4 –    Aruba, Curacao and Bonaire

April 5 – 16 –     Saint Petersburg and Moscow, Russia

June 8- July 1 –   Kiev, Ukraine; Budapest, Hungary; Bratislava, Slovakia; Brno & Prague, Czech Rep.

July 2 – 10-      Moscow, Russia;  Budapest Hungary

Call Prestige Leadership Advisors at 727 489 2349 or 727 741 1029 for upcoming schedules of Joe Yazbeck’s speaking engagements, workshops and special events


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Rave Responses From Recent Joe Yazbeck Workshops

“Joe’s presence and presentation skills are incredible. From the moment he was introduced to the audience he owned the room. He immediately engaged with several people individually and for 40 minutes no one’s eyes left his as he showed everyone how to be more confident and better presenters. He is captivating, engaging, powerful, dynamic, funny, motivational, understanding and can get his message through to his entire audience. Joe is one of those magical people you will never forget” Don Ewing Jr. President, CEO Haruspex Inc

“I’ve seen many of Joe’s presentations. He does an excellent job teaching communication skills for those whose careers require public speaking. I’ve also spoken to a few of his former clients who speak highly of his techniques.” Philip Dragonetti , Associate, McFarland, Gould, Lyons, Sullivan & Hogan, P.A.

“Joe Yazbeck is a super-dynamic, inspirational trainer and speaker. He teaches simple, powerful concepts in a way that is easy to assimilate and apply. After his seminar, I was able to easily appear before groups of people and speak in a relaxed, natural manner, whereas before I was a bundle of nerves.” Charlie Uslander, Business Consultant

  • “Outstanding! Great use of examples, audience participation and a good dose of humor” B.D.
  • “It was not only lively, but Joe, you had the audience eating out of your hand.” G.B.
  • “Great material. Joe was very impressive, very real and down to earth” S.T.
  • “Joe is very informative, energetic and fun to listen to” S.L.
  • “Awesome presentation and a great way of presenting the subject” S.W.
  • “Joe knows how to capitalize on the rough spots to encourage people to better present” B.M.
  • “Inspiring! Loved how each point was followed by live examples.” R.B.
  • “Joe, as always, was fantastic. Looking forward to the next workshop in October” E.C.
  • “I love the way he commands a room” J.P.
  • “Joe is so impactful he can honestly say “do as I say and as I do” -M.M.