What’s All The Fuss About Body Language !

Body Language can be overrated as public speaking subject matter. I do understand that there are gestures and mannersims that convey negative and positive messages. So I do not underestimate that it is valuable. However, I consider that there is one body language type that is the most important physical trait in communication and it should be given highest priority. That is Eye Contact! It is so, for the sole reason that this is one physical characteristic that has a direct interaction with the personality, uniqueness and authenticity of the presenter and the audience.

In my early years in performing arts training as an actor and singer, my mantra then came from a sense of truth from the renowned book “An Actor Prepares” by the famous Russian acting teacher, Constantin Stanislavski. He states “The eyes are the mirror to the soul”. How else do we as speakers, everyday communicators, artists etc., really connect to our audiences or listeners. When you perform or present, you arrive! Are you “there”. How “there” are you?

As a coach, I must ensure that my clients and students “show up”. Not just in body but personally, emotionally, spiritually and mentally. When you give an audience a presentation, how much of “you” is present in the giving. I want my performers and speakers to give their audiences their money’s worth by fully showing up.

It is interesting to me that some coaches and trainers that I have personally coached over the years, see this method as a unique symbiotic approach…a melting of the key ingredients of the stage presence skills of the performing arts with the commanding qualities that make up effective leadership.

I have had the joy of developing that process through my scenarios and practical exercises in the training room for many years and have observed the marked change, the unrestrained improvement and the evolving of that person through this creative process until that ideal state of natural, expressive, extroverted and effortlessness hits a high enough level for them to command any audience for any purpose.

Ah! Simplicity!

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To Your Success !

Coach Joe Yazbeck
Founder, President
Prestige Leadership Advisors