Two Major Musts in Effective Leadership

Successful leaders demonstrate skill at predicting and estimating. You may not often read about these 2 skills used in conjunction with leadership. However, they are keys in executing any plan. Executives execute. Thus, you get the similarity in derivation and word usage. A plan takes execution to bring about the accomplished end result.

Leadership must include in the plan of action of achieving a desired end result, the correct estimation of the effort it would take to overcome the obstacles toward that goal to “cross the goal line”.

Prediction may be a better suited word as it takes into account the steps or actions needing to be accomplished in correct sequence from the inception of the game plan to the end. It is just that, a game plan. A game has many various factors that need to be predicted and estimated for and by the team from the leader.

Primary among these factors that leaders must estimate and predict are:

> Meeting the high standards of service to the public they are purposed to help.
> The competition’s game plan
> Proper procurement, training and utilization of team members
> Financial capability and solvency
> Time deadlines and constraints
> Future viability of the company continuously operating on a productive and prosperous basis

The “Monday morning quarterback” is a sad testimony to those who fail to predict and estimate. Even the most urgent need of a business in attracting the right prospects or clients to its business, relies on estimating and predicting where the potential clients are found, on what channels they are promoted to and what messages are conveyed on those channels to create maximum response and demand.

Prepared leaders are also braced for the unexpected and, in many cases, have built into their game plan, these unpredictable factors that are met with contingency solutions. Strong, confident leaders are not shaken or unstabilized by these sudden changes. They predict and expect them.

Olympic champion, Jackie Joyner Kersee, remarking about her success, simply stated, “It’s better to look ahead and prepare than to look back and regret”.

I say, to execute the plan and lead effectively, predict and estimate!

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