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“This is the best resource if you are looking to learn the secrets or improve your leadership, presentation and public speaking skills. This material from best-selling author and executive coach Joe Yazbeck is simply transformational!”

Rachid Zahidi, Owner, CEO, Sentinel Background 

“Joe’s boundless energy, brilliance and enthusiasm for my business success is a powerful ingredient in the whole package of services he supplies, which is consistently top-notch.”

– Vashti Braha, Fashion Designer, Author, Speaker

As a business coach, he has taken a keen interest in the advancement of my start-up company, counseling on a wide range of issues ranging from our mission statement, to web presence and branding. He devoted significant efforts to learning my business model and has provided strategic introductions from his own vast network. One of my partners is currently working with Joe on communications and supervisory skills. Joe has become a confidential advisor and friend – the type of relationship that all professionals hope to achieve with their own clientele.”

– Michael R. Marget, Founder, 4 L Law Services LLC

“What an eye opener! Through Joe, I have more awareness to new possibilities in my presentation style focusing me on my purpose of speaking and awakening my audience to unlimited potential. Since starting my coaching, I have a fuller understanding of speech structure. I love the process Joe uses. He is not only gentle in his approach but also knows when he can take you beyond what you think you can do. I am happy with what I have gained so far and very excited about the possibilities of where I’m going next.”

– John Lenberg, Internationally Senior Coach for over 20 years with Anthony Robbins

“As a coach providing leadership training, Joe Yazbeck delivers an awesome and yet structured program. He has provided me with tools to fully express myself and become un-trapped from the boundaries previously boxing me in. This has allowed me many realizations; one of which helped me create the true branding of my practice and am now using this message to convey the benefits that make what I do so uniquely different.”

Dr. Matt Erickson, Chiropractic Physician

“Joe Yazbeck gets it… Joe has the unique ability to custom design a leadership training course that will take you to the next level. The recipe of success in life always includes the key ingredient of “LEADERSHIP” which is a learned skill.
I am very, very confident in my LEADERSHIP skills thanks to Joe’s course!”

Bill Anthony – Mainframe, Rocket Software; Owner Team Discovery

“Joe, has been a motivator and educator for my staff members. He’s a great coach.”

– Bob Roperti, Owner, Jiffy Reprographics; Vice President at RSA Board of Directors

“Joe’s assistance has dramatically increased my awareness, understanding, and as a result, my business statistics. Our executives are more focused than ever! Our strategic plans are more advanced, clear and motivational. My business has grown by millions from the first day we started working together. Thanks, Joe, for a life-long friendship.”

– Don Minnick, Founder, Speedy Concrete Cutting Inc

“For the first time in many years I am seeing the forest rather than the trees. I am now the leader and no longer a co-worker in my own business. I am now creating order regarding my company. Due to Joe’s coaching, I am willing to now delegate and am more able to effectively communicate to my staff to empower them to function in their new roles. My company’s value has resultantly multiplied.

Joe Yazbeck’s coaching methods are transformative, positively unexpected and fun!”

– Mark Lauter, Founder – CEO Sumo Software

 “Coaching with Joe Yazbeck has helped my presentations become more about the audience than my story. By improving my presentation and making it better, my delivery is much more emotional and exciting. I feel a lot more confident that I am delivering something to the audience that will resonate with them for years to come.”– Maja Kazazic, International Speaker, Founder of One Story, One World

“When I started working with Joe Yazbeck’s leadership training program it was one of those perfect decisions. Joe is not only a fine person and accomplished performer but also a super expert who possesses that depth of knowledge which is a must-necessity for anyone seeking major success in life.

I received EASY, USABLE and UNDERSTANDABLE knowledge from his book, workshops and VIP personal trainings. I acquired much help, honest attention and workable solutions during my extended time with him. I feel that now I have so much more power than before.”

Attila Veres, Managing Director, Author, Speaker

“Working with Joe has been extremely rewarding as I advance my career as a business owner and community leader. He has a valuable leadership program that focuses on improving an individual’s strengths and analyzing and building to improve on any weakness a person might have. Joe has been an important part of our community by reaching out to future and current leaders who might need improvement with their leadership skills.”

Nick Di Ceglie, Owner, Solar Sanitation and Public Servant

“Joe was a great coach for me. What he taught me stuck with me which really impressed me. With Joe I'd really GET IT. He possesses such an incredible wealth of knowledge & experience that his communication is powerful & laser focused. One of the key attributes to a great coach is they are able to see what you can't see. This is WHY I needed a coach. Joe taught me how to communicate at a whole different level which has helped me in every aspect of my life. If you want to take yourself to new heights I highly recommend Joe because he will take you there.”

Julie Lahm, Lahm Financial and Insurance Services

“Joe Yazbeck was instrumental in helping my professional growth during the year we spent together. He is well versed in business, the arts, public speaking and is worldly in his endeavors. During our time together, Joe not only was my leadership/speaking coach but also become a close friend. Joe helps the Good Guys communicate to the masses so their voice can be heard. Thanks Joe for an incredible year together and assisting me in achieving my dreams and vision. I highly recommend his services and company.”

Dali Kranzthor, CFO, National Waste Management Holdings

“Joe truly understands the power of public speaking and leadership. His techniques and training methods will allow you to elevate your skills to deliver a focused, direct, and moving message. He was great to work with.”

Brett Heath, President, CEO Director, Metalla Royalty and Streaming

“I have worked with Joe for years, so my recommendation is heart-felt. Joe walks the walk when it comes to demonstrating true leadership and competence. Leadership and public speaking are interrelated and no one knows that better than Joe. I have referred several of my professional colleagues to Joe because he can elevate their game like so few can. Having seen Joe in action, lecturing around the globe, I know you too will discover his value and insight into so many crucial areas of business and leadership.”

Edwin Dearborn, Premier Lead Systems, Speaker and Best-selling Author

“Joe is a truly unique person. Not only does he shine in the world of public speaking (he could turn a mute into a GREAT public speaker) but he excels in the world of relationships. His work as a public speaking & leadership coach is of the highest quality. One reason, besides the fact that Joe KNOWS what he is doing, is that he cares so much about people. Joe is a unique people's person. You feel shy and unable to get your message across, in front of (large) audiences? Trust Joe - he will make you the best speaker you thought you could never be!”

Patrick Valtin, Founder, President, New Era Management

“Joe has a unique talent in teaching people how to speak very well in front of audiences. And getting them over their fear of speaking. My agency, The Hired Gunz, was born in Silicon Valley doing the graphics aspect of presentations. In over 30 years of experience, Joe's book, No Fear Speaking is the first book I have read which nailed the precise and exact steps to giving a speech. It is the Bible of speaking.”

Kirk Mossing, The Hired Gunz

“Joe skillfully helps executives learn and master the multidisciplinary skill-sets needed to reach peak performance in any presentation or performance situation. I will recommend him to all of my clients”

Pam Lagano, PR, Investor Relations, Marketing Consultant and Strategist

“Joe has an uncanny coaching ability. I have watched as Joe took a fumbling presenter and made him one of the best in the area in just a few sessions. Joe can quickly (within minutes) observe you giving a speech and correctly identify what is holding the person back. I have watched as Joe give that person one-on-one coaching. To my amazement, he fixed in 10 minutes what I thought would take major surgery to fix.”

Bud Reichel, Coach, Consultant, Executive Life Coaching

“If you have a dream, Joe will not only dream with you, but he'll actually give you the tools to help make that dream happen. As a leadership and life coach, he is unrivaled, and simply; the best. It is my great fortune to be able to call him "my friend", because he has enriched my life immeasurably, through his words and through his actions.”

Norm Thalheimer, Composer, Lyricist, Performing Artist

“Joe Yazbeck is one of those rare truly enthusiastic people who loves to help others achieve their potential. He's both an entertaining performer and a remarkably skilled coach who helps others become skilled at the performance they desire - leadership, artistic, media. He's a real pro.”

David Sanders, CMC, CEO Vision Practice Management

“Forty years ago I received a book titled Tongue and Quill in the processing line of the US Air Force Academy. We were told anything we needed to know about effective communication was between its covers. It remains the definitive reference for USAF officers today. Loaded with wit, humor, and insight, No Fear Speaking challenges T&Q as the ultimate guide for speakers struggling to master the art of reaching an audience.”

DAVID J. SCOTT, Retired Major General, USAF

“Joe Yazbeck is a force to be reckoned with, and that intensity comes through in No Fear Speaking. This very well organized book is a complete checklist for everything a person would need in order to become a ‘No-Fear Speaker,’ including instructions and drills for how anyone can successfully overcome their stage-fright. Despite being a celebrated author myself, I have had my share of hesitancy when it comes to public speaking. Reading this book has taught me the essential elements of No Fear Speaking and has given me a step-by-step blueprint of instructions for building those elements into a highly effective speaking experience. Whatever your speaking issues are, No Fear Speaking will help you develop the skills and confidence you need to be a successful public speaker, and will clear your path to becoming a master at it.”

HARRY FRISCH, Author of HOW TO SELL—Clear and Simple

“If you are looking to become a great public speaker, read this book NOW. It contains the secrets of those who have naturally mastered the art of public speaking. Joe’s thirty-year-plus experience in coaching all types of businesspeople, executives and artists, is entirely reflected in this amazing compilation. It takes away the fears and the considerations you might have while thinking about that speech you will need to produce and deliver to sell an idea, to solicit funds, or to plead for a good cause. Having trained over 100,000 business owners and executives in more than thirty countries in the last twenty-five years, I did not realize I could still improve my speaking talent. That is, until I read this book. There is no theory here—just applicable, down-to-earth tips and techniques that guarantee to make you a professional speaker!”

PATRICK VALTIN, Author, No Fail Hiring; CEO, New Era Management International

“No Fear Speaking is a rare work on public speaking that is both readable and immediately useful. Yazbeck guides the reader, step by step, through the mechanics and dynamics of public speaking with clear, lean descriptions that not only convey the methodology but also the underlying logic with great insight. As someone who has worked in the high technology industry for over thirty years, this book taught me that public speaking and technical presentation is not an ancillary activity but a major essential to one’s success.”

GARY IOSBAKER, Distinguished Technologist, CTO Telecom-Americas, Hewlett-Packard

“I liked the simplicity and the common sense approach to effective public speaking in this book. It provided valuable tips that I tried with recent groups that gave me an advantage in gaining the messages acceptance. IT HELPED MY SALES!”

FRANK SUAREZ, Owner Natural Health Facilities, Author, The Power of Metabolism

“I’ve been reading self help books on sales and public speaking for over 40 years. I’ve been personally involved in these areas for even longer. I’ve presented to a single audience with as many as 5,000 people and mentored dozens. I’ve never seen a better plan for speaking effectively. Joe has a practical approach, logically organized, well articulated with sequentially organized tasks and checklists that are so simply explained that virtually anyone can do it. No Psycho-babble, no Mumbo-jumbo, no vague generalities. Straightforward and clear, inspiring and motivational and results oriented. A MUST read for anyone involved in speaking EFFECTIVELY.”

MARSHALL KORNBLATT, Exec. VP of The Guardian Insurance Group

“Joe is a natural and engaging presenter and educator who believes that all of us can fulfill their potentials.  I thoroughly enjoy working with and learning from him. His excitement about speaking is truly infectious. He is reliable, creative and easy to work with. His coaching strategies and techniques are cutting-edge and create fantastic results.  I look forward to our weekly meetings and am constantly surprised by the new heights I have achieved in my own speaking abilities in very short order.  Joe is truly awe-inspiring.”

JORYN JENKINS, Collaborative Divorce Attorney, Speaker, Author, CEO, Open Palm Law

“In just my first 3 coaching sessions on Joe’s program, I went from shaking when introducing myself to a large group to commanding an audience of executives. The skills I have gained form the exercises I received gave me the confidence to unleash and become the expert that I really am.”

MELINDA MONTGOMERY, Identity & Access Management Program Director, Price Waterhouse Cooper

Testimonials for Howard Van Es

“Howard has helped many of my clients market their books on Amazon and become bestsellers. He is quite knowledgeable about the various elements that make a book sell─from keywords to categories to how a book cover will stand out on Amazon.” 

Lisa Tener

Book Development Coach  

“Let’s Write Books, Inc. has guided my book through the publishing process with outstanding service and in-depth knowledge about modern publishing technology and book marketing methods. They have exceeded my expectations!”

Joe Yazbeck 

President, Prestige Leadership Advisors

Author of the bestseller No Fear Speaking

“As a bestselling author and columnist I can tell you that the word of publishing is changing at a rapid rate. Howard and his team at Let’s Write Books, Inc. are right out in front, leading the charge with amazing service.  They got my book to number one on Amazon!”

Cathy Turney

Author of Laugh Your Way to Real Estate Sales Success Real Estate Sales Success

“Right from the inception of my book, Let’s Write Books, Inc. was there to help me envision the content, provided exemplary editing and design services, and then guided me through the vital step of book marketing.  With Howard’s guidance, I was able to generate meaningful revenue for my book even before it was published! When you hire Let’s Write Books, you are not hiring a publishing company, you are getting a publishing partner.”

Johnathan  M. Holifield, J.D.

Author of The Future Economy and Inclusive Competitiveness®

“For almost two years I searched for someone that could provide guidance while I was putting my books together.  Someone who could not only help me plan and offer suggestions about the content, but could help me find an illustrator, and wisely guide me through the selection of images, front matter, back matter,  and hundreds of other smaller things of importance.

I finally found my now very good friend Howard VanEs through a lucky lead. Not only has he helped me with all of my many wishes listed above, he has also guided me through all the intricacies of publishing my books on Amazon and Kindle.”

Dafne Engstrom

Children’s book author

Testimonials for Edwin Dearborn

“Edwin is at the TOP of the game. You can trust him to always show up 100% and bring the energy!”

– Grant CardoneNew York Times bestselling author

“Edwin Dearborn is a passionate advocate for helping small businesses. Edwin shows you how to avoid marketing cliches and distill the essence of what makes your company stand out.”

– Dorie Clark, frequent contributor to the Harvard Business Review and Entrepreneur


“We have worked with Edwin Dearborn for several years. He has done a phenomenal job in marketing and promoting our multi-doctor Orange County spinal rehabilitation practice. We have worked with several advertising and marketing professionals over the years. Most are simply interested in ‘selling’ you the latest advertising gimmick of the week whether or not it makes any sense for your particular business or industry. I am most impressed with Ed’s ability to ‘diagnose’ the needs of his clients which he uses to develop a business-specific marketing and promotional plan. I would highly recommend Ed for the marketing and promotion needs of any business, big or small.”

– Dr. Ken Erickson, D.C., owner of Irvine Family Health Center

“I often have people come in to my store and with a concerned tone ask, ‘How’s business going?  You guys doing all right with the economy?’  I always get to look up with a smile on my face and say, “Great!  We’ve had an increase in gross sales of 15% each year over the past three years.”  Yes, you heard me right, each year.  Why you ask?  A huge thanks to Edwin for his marketing expertise which has continually proven to be spot on. Whenever I have a question or I need advise on how to handle a situation, Edwin seems to know exactly what’s needed. We started working with Edwin in the beginning of 2010 and I don’t see us stopping anytime soon!”

Cindi Boyer, owner of Custom Wood Shutters & Blinds

Testimonials for Steve Cutrer

"I have been in sales for over 20 years and attended many workshops focused on sales and messaging but this workshop is different.  The focus on connecting with your audience and framing the message has been the most valuable thing I learned over the past two days.  I am confident that the skills learned here will help me engage my clients better and win more contracts".  - M.S. Global Sales Manager  

"Communicating effectively is often difficult for engineers.  The coaching in this workshop helped me understand how to develop my message and communicate it the first time, every time. I have been managing engineers for over 20 years; this workshop has helped me discover how to communicate with my reports, clients, and executives at a level I never thought I could achieve".  - H.C. Regional Engineering Manager

"This workshop is different.  I have learned how to turn my presentations into a conversation.  Whether addressing 3 or 300, I am now able to engage each person and deliver my message quickly and completely".   - M.I. Global Field Service Manager

"It is my responsibility to engage everyone in our company; executive to employee.  This workshop has helped me to understand the importance of space ownership and connection with my audience; my effectiveness has reached a level I could have never imagined".  - C.C. Global HSE Manager