Industry Leader Makes Sweeping Breakthrough with Joe Yazbeck's Leadership Communications Program

February 15, 2015

My biggest barrier in life has been public speaking. I had a hard time getting my viewpoint across to the audience and it took so much effort that my presentation came across nervous and tense. I had so much to say and without much editing and clarification, that I feel I confused the public in my presentations.

For about three years I found my dental practice being suppressed by senseless allegations of Medicaid fraud and our income was frozen with a payment hold. Knowing that we were innocent, we decided to fight back and it automatically increased my urgency to speak out and counter these false allegations. I started going around and meeting legislators in key committees related to health care and I made myself known.

Knowing that I had to improve my public speaking, I came across Joe Yazbeck's book "No Fear Speaking". Since reading the book and doing the drills along with being coached my Joe, I have used these principles in my everyday life with dramatic changes. I have learned how to set the subject and introduction, how to use different methods of getting audience's participation such as the use of rhetorical questioning with myself as the speaker, varying my tone of voice and becoming animated in my presentations.

His book and his coaching without doubt helped me face these false allegations addressing legislators in court with the truth resulting in a big turnaround and thus restoring justice and bringing to those who really violated the public trust to face charges.

Since doing this program, everything I have been involved with has really made a huge difference. Whether it was staff meetings, talking to executives, presenting a seminar, speaking to legislators and to those within my sphere of influence, I have been able to make a bigger impact with less words by having a much better intention behind it to get my point understood by the other parties
I am really happy working with Joe, He has helped me come out of my shell from being able to communicate better by understanding the concepts of public speaking, knowing the purpose behind it, knowing my audience, and knowing what type of product I want to get as the end product.

He has made things so simple and what I really like the most is that his program is not complicated and the data is presented where you can understand it and apply it to your everyday life.

I greatly appreciate Joe's coaching and training; so many things in my life have turned around in the direction that was intended since we began.

My utmost respect and gratitude to Joe Yazbeck and for his very successful public speaking leadership program.

Thank you.
Juan D. Villarreal, DDS
Texas Dentists for Medicaid Reform


"Joe skillfully helps executives learn and master the multidisciplinary skill-sets needed to reach peak performance in any presentation or performance situation. I will recommend him to all of my clients."

-Pam Lagano, President, Lagano & Associates Public Relations, Investor Relations and Marketing Consultant and Strategist -__________________________

“Working with Joe has been extremely rewarding as I advance my career as a business owner and community leader. He has a valuable leadership program that focuses on improving an individuals strengths and analyzing and building to improve on any weakness a person might have. Joe has been an important part of our community by reaching out to future and current leaders who might need improvement with their leadership skills”.

- Nick Di Ceglie, Owner, Solar Sanitation, Community leader

“If you laid all my public speaking presentations end-to-end and measured them with a stopwatch, they would last longer than the collective works of Spielberg. And yet, if I had met Joe Yazbeck earlier in my career, each and every presentation would have been demonstrably better.

Joe deconstructs the presentation process. “It’s all about the audience” (although he states it more eloquently) and not my story, which is most important. Moreover, the goal of any presentation is not simply to inform and entertain, but to “impinge” (Joe’s word) listeners into action. Joe taught me to speak entrepreneurially, as well as professionally and objectively.

As a business coach, he has taken a keen interest in the advancement of my start-up company, counseling on a wide range of issues ranging from our mission statement, to web presence and branding. He devoted significant efforts to learning my business model and has provided strategic introductions from his own vast network. One of my partners is currently working with Joe on communications and supervisory skills.

Joe has become a confidential advisor and friend – the type of relationship that all professionals hope to achieve with their own clientele.”

- Michael R. Marget, Founder, 4 L Law Services LLC







“Joe’s assistance has dramatically increased my awareness, understanding, and as a result, my business statistics. Our executives are more focused than ever! Our strategic plans are more advanced, clear and motivational. My business has grown by millions from the first day we started working together. Thanks, Joe, for a life long friendship.”

- Don Minnick, Founder, President, Speedy Concrete Cutting – Ft Lauderdale-Orlando-Tampa-Savannah

“For the first time in many years I am seeing the forest rather than the trees. I am now the leader and no longer a co-worker in my own business. I am now creating order regarding my company.

Due to Joe’s coaching, I am willing to now delegate and am more able to effectively communicate to my staff to empower them to function in their new roles. My company’s value has resultantly multiplied.

Joe Yazbeck’s coaching methods are transformative, positively unexpected and fun!”

- Mark Lauter, Founder – CEO Sumo Software



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“I have had the pleasure of working with Joe Yazbeck on several occasions and found his coaching, guidance and mentoring to be of immense value. I would highly recommend Joe Yazbeck as an outstanding coach and mentor with a dedication to both discovering and developing an artist….”

- Tony Michaelides Author, publicist and record promoter.

(Previous clients have included U2, David Bowie, The Police, Whitney Houston, Peter Gabriel, Genesis etc)



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