Speaking With Charisma

Charisma is the ability to attract, charm, and influence the people around you. It is that “magic” that some people have. Some call it attractive personality, inspiration, influence or a brightness.

Charismatic people are like diamonds; they sparkle and shine with personality and are immediately noticed in a crowd. Upon entering a room, they have a commanding quality that immediately adds something special to their surroundings. This may seem completely unplanned, but there is a recipe to being a charismatic speaker, who gives a dynamic and shining presentation that is natural, expressive, effortless and moving.

I have previously written and spoke of the 5 C’s that make up Charisma: Caring, Comfortable, Credible, Confident and Commanding. These high caliber speakers are very expressive and fully interested in the world around them. They genuinely and sincerely unleash their ideals and principles in messages that inspires an audience. They are looking ahead and outward, not reflective or withdrawn. Their attention is on others instead of themselves. They take positive and acceptable control and the audience benefits greatly. When it is appropriate, they may relinquish control to the audience, for a time, and then take it back.

A commanding speaker always look for and finds something to admire in their audience. A speaker who is relaxed, comfortable, confident and makes the audience feel at home, creates a desirable magnetic pull. Also the speaker’s control increases when a presentation is well organized and delivered with impact. A confident speaker is prepared to handle and resolve difficulties that arise, without the audience feeling the interruption.

Any intended call to action can be created more effectively given that a speaker presents especially to groups rather than one-on-one, and when that delivery is performed in a natural conversational manner. An audience will feel as though each of them individually are personally being addressed. FDR’s famous radio “fireside chats” in the 1940s are a great example of a commanding speaker utilizing the 5C’s of Charisma to genuinely and naturally bring Americans closer together in a world of deep crisis. Americans welcomed their president “into their living rooms” because they felt he was talking directly to them individually.

Charisma embodies the commanding qualities that raise the level of communication to dynamic and memorable. It is the essential skill and ability that great leaders use to inspire others to take action and effect positive change. It is a powerful and artful craft that is learned, developed and mastered.

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