Norm Thalheimer

 Norm Thalheimer, Copywriter

Finding the perfect words to deliver a message is what Norm Thalheimer is all about. From cutting his teeth on creating advertising viewed in The New York Times to writing for the Broadway stage, Norm has spent a lifetime honing the fine art of writing. As the adage goes, “It’s not what you say that counts but how you say it”. In this age of communication, never has the need been greater to deliver content that speaks directly and effectively to an audience. He strives in all of his work to be articulate, honest and above all, compelling.

Literary Work

  • Open Your Heart and Say “AHHH”, a book by Susan Pomeranz PH.D – contributed writing and humorous anecdotes.
  • No Fear Speaking, a book by Joe Yazbeck – assisted in writing and structuring material.
  • Save America Foundation, contributed bio material and website content for this non-profit organization.
  • Heart Math – an academic paper written in conjunction with Peter Ulikhanov on the principles of the heart as a source of intelligence co-existent with the brain which affects human thought processes.
  • Biography of Irv Cohen: Senior Vice President of JP Morgan Treasury Services and former Chief Financial Officer of Shearson Lehman Brothers.
  • Marilyn: An American Fable – a Broadway Musical staged at the Minskoff Theatre – contributed lyrics and music.
  • Wicked City Blues – a musical staged in New York at the Church Theatre, in Utah at the Allred Theatre, in Los Angeles at the Tiffany Theatre, and in Orange County at the Norris Theatre – wrote the book, lyrics and music.
  • It Came From Beyond – a musical staged at the Write Act Repertory Theatre in Hollywood, at the Colony Theatre in Burbank in Los Angeles, and at the 3rd Street Theatre in New York City. Was nominated for 6 LA Ovation Awards including best book, score and musical. Contributed lyrics, music and uncredited dialogue for the book.
  • Marilyn Naked – a musical slated to open in New York City in 2014 Off-Broadway. Contributed lyrics and music.
  • Advertising layouts and copy work for Abraham and Strauss retail stores in Brooklyn New York, a division of Allied. Copy was written for The New York Times and The Daily News.
  • Conceived the book and wrote the forward for Coffee Cup Dreams, a book of Styrofoam sculptures by lingerie designer, Mel Pomeranz.
  • HMO: The Musical – a musical to be done as a workshop in Los Angeles – contributed music and lyrics.
  • Moon Boy – Developed from story to book, the struggles of a boy in the future who is the only person left who still dreams in a time where dreams have died. From an original concept by Susan Wasserman.
  • Graduated with a BFA from the University of Syracuse after spending a year in London attending The London Polytechnic.