My Coaching Approach: The Power of Simplicity

 For more than 30 plus years coaching professionals and leaders in the artful science of effective speaking, I have been asked about what makes my coaching methods as effective as they are.

 I‘ve determined that the most essential ingredient necessary to creating a dynamic and impact speech or presentation is the most powerfully simple and most rewarding to achieve. That ingredient is an authentic, true self. 

 A natural, expressive, extroverted and interested person appearing before their audience, for any reason, no matter the size of the group, is the surest way to positively attract an audience and hit the mark, regardless of content.

 I have never seen a synthetic, contrived personality make a successful speech or presentation. Audiences are not easily fooled. I take my clients on the path of subtractive gain, in other words, to remove or dissolve what inhibits them or does not belong there (mainly the negative additives that reduce their effectiveness).

 My coaching approach is both interactive and discovery-based and is how I have learned to effectively help my clients build trust and confidence with their audiences. I also coach toward speakers achieving in themselves a level of comfort and effortlessness that any audience would find them fun to listen to. 

 Sure there are mechanics and steps to take to prepare and organize the outline or framework of a presentation. That is structure, although valuable, is surely less important.

 It is my coaching priority to always work in the direction of truth where my clients evolve as authentic, real and fully present before their audiences or attendees. This really is the path to least resistance helping them naturally express their ideas, emotions and purposes while hitting their mark with the most positive impact.

 The training process during client coaching sessions is a rewarding creative process of self-realization and unleashed, unrestrained freedom of expression. I have to admit that some of my most effective approaches I’ve learned and created as a method for my clients to use, arose from my experiences as a performing artist and talent coach in the entertainment industry,

 I founded my company with the mission statement: To advise and develop ethical, competent and productive leaders who become powerful communicators improving our world.  So as speakers, I want them shining like diamonds.

 This is true stage presence!  This is what has been called… charisma

 ……and this is the essential quality and ability that great leaders use to inspire others to take action and effect positive change!


All the best,

Joe Yazbeck, Founder – President, Prestige Leadership Advisors

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