We advise and develop leaders that will master the powerful art of communication, learn and apply the essential ingredients of effective leadership and know how to inspire others with passion, sincerity, authority, confidence and trustworthiness.

Prestige Leadership Advisors’ leadership programs include major areas in developing a leader‘s ability and skill to not only communicate powerfully but also to lead effectively in business, in community, public service and life. Our clients are individually coached to meet and exceed the realistic world he or she will need to have a positive command over, after completing their program.

Leadership steps are also undertaken in training which includes the vital steps of strategic planning, organization development, team building and team achieving that shape your career as a leader including training programs that develop a leader to be a productive and accomplished one.

Exit strategy/succession planning steps of action are also applied so that a company owner or leader can smoothly evolve into their next successful venture.


Your answers to our key questions allows us to create a tailor-made program that are customized steps to carry out your training objectives. This gives a clear, correct and focused direction, a reliable compass for us to support you with a course of action consisting of the exact training and media support that will ensure you achieve your leadership, executive, speaker and career goals


We advise and develop leaders that will master the powerful art of communication, learn and apply the essential ingredients of effective leadership and know how to inspire others with passion, sincerity, authority, confidence and trustworthiness.

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One on One Professional VIP Coaching

Private one on one coaching to develop your leadership communication skills, build confidence in any executive scenario you speak or present in. These effective coaching segments will enable you to increase your ability to lead your team, inspire them to take action, enhance performance and productivity resulting in a highly respected and widely recognized authority in your field. Contact us for more information.


Corporate Training Programs

We deliver a variety of training programs for your company’s professional development needs. From executive leadership training to speaker skills training to sales and branding to public relations musts to employee engagement training programs, we will inform, educate, empower, motivate, influence and inspire your group to increase performance standards, improve their skills in communications and service and increase their potential for greater success.


Public Speaking and Effective Presentation Training

This specialized speaker training is based on the best-selling book “No Fear Speaking” by Joe Yazbeck. This training consists of powerful skill-building exercises and drills that will enable you to perform confidently and comfortably in front of any size group or just one on one whether you are in front of a microphone, camera or live audience.  You will learn the effective tools of preparing, organizing and delivering dynamic presentations live and through media channels.

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Public Relations Support and Brand Messaging

How well you are thought of or identified by your specific buying pubic determines the positive positioning, status and image you want to capture in the eyes of your public.

Our key focus here is on branding, positioning and identifying our clients as a respected and recognized leader in the industry they represent positioned as dynamic leader and commanding speaker. We support you with the creation of impact messages expressed through live and media channels directly for the correct audience intended.


Publishing and Writing Services

Being a published author is instrumental in gaining recognition, respect and deserved status for your work, passion and life-long ambition. This is a sure route to making you and your ideas well-known, well thought of and broadly distributed to the public.

It is a leader’s objective to inspire others to take action and effect change. We help our speakers become authors, our authors to become speakers in order to help our clients accomplish such an objective. Our support team will coach you through the necessary steps to make this dream a reality.


Media Coaching for Press Radio and TV

Media coaching involves learning the skills of how to smoothly and professionally handle the press, master media relations, communicate with confidence and command on camera for video, radio or TV commercials as well as the internet, including webinars and podcasts.

A leader needs to know how to successfully perform through media channels and to capture the attention of a radio or TV audience and end up with a captivated audience who is reaching more for you, your product or services or your call to action.


Business Strategies & Solutions

A successful business is a reflection of the owner’s leadership ability. Our business and organizational development consulting team offers our client business owners and executives the exact solutions needed to make a positive turnaround of a faltering business or accelerate the growth of a working business to ensure the stable expansion of that business.

Our Business Leadership Support Team utilizes successful methods that establishes the correct problem, evaluates the correct solution and then creates an easy to follow game plan to move that business from its current scene to its ideal state.