Margie Rosenstein

Margie Rosenstein Graphic DesignMargie Rosenstein
Designer: Graphics, Web & Photo Design

With a passion for excellence, an innovative vision for success, and an eye for graphic detail, Margie Rosenstein serves as our Designer. With over 30 years experience in varied facets of magazine, marketing and website development, Margie has been directly responsible for managing, developing, creating, designing, photographing, positioning, and implementing all aspects of the design world.

Always open to new technologies and keeping her finger on the pulse of industry trends, Margie has served as a Designer, Art Director and Creative Director to several industry leading corporations including Kelby Media, Primedia, Reed Elsevier, International Thomson Retail Press, Werner Publications, The O Group, LJN Toys and Mego Toys, to name a few, specializing in the world of Publishing, Advertising, Electronics, Parenting, Technology, Web Development and Computer Training.

With a strategic and hands-on approach, Margie understands the complexities of developing, designing and cross-promoting brands in a constantly changing marketplace.