Lou Ramos

Ret. Air Force Colonel Lou Ramos


Senior management professional and task-oriented leader with 30+ years of experience in operations, project and program management, recruiting, staffing, and training across multiple environments and multimillion-dollar budgets.  Proven record of establishing vision and outlining strategies that drive initiatives and challenging projects to successful completion. Skilled technical expert; offer functional guidance and solutions through defined customer requirements that promote improvements in procedures and systems. Strong familiarity with US DoD.

Core competencies:

Organizational Leadership, Business Development, Project Management,

Leadership & Team Building, Budget Control, IT Solutions, Motivational Speaking

High-level Presentations & Consultations

Department of Defense Top Secret (TS) Security Clearance

Founder, President of Supporting Americas Finest – A Non-profit organization

Demonstrated Experience

Leader with over 30 years of knowledge and experience directing diverse groups with dissimilar skill sets and a variety of educational levels.  Experience encompasses communications engineering, communications and computer technology operations and maintenance, project and program management, training, financial planning, budget execution, contract management, briefing preparation/delivery, and resource management.  Using extraordinary leadership, people skills, and network relationships he developed the ManTech Tampa Office from the ground up.  He took the ManTech operation in three years to over 65 full time employees while producing annual revenues of over $5M.  As a self-starter, he established a Tampa Office for TRI-COR Industries, Inc. and secured two separate contracts valued in excel of $200K.  While assigned to the United States Central Command (USCENTCOM) for over five years, he led a communications team of communications engineers (six) and developed a proposal for the United Nations to establish a Communications Infrastructure in Somalia while ensuring the rapid withdrawal of U.S. Serviceman from Somalia.  He led over 500 people while providing communications-computer support to U.S. forces patrolling the “No-Fly” zone in Iraq.  As the Chief, Plans, Programs & Resources, he executed the largest budget ($6M) at USCENTCOM and led over 20 officers in the planning, programming, and execution of communications-computer services for joint US forces worldwide.    During this same period he provided instruction and project/program management training to assigned project managers.  At Homestead Air Force Base, he led 140 highly skilled technicians while providing air traffic control, communications, and computer services to a 10,000-person community.  He led the communications planning and evacuation of personnel in anticipation of the arrival of Hurricane Andrew.  Following the hurricane, he successfully led 125 support personnel and salvaged over $10M in government equipment.  At the National Military Command Center, he led 45 engineers and technicians while providing dedicated communications support to the Office of the Secretary of Defense, the Office of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and the Air Staff.  As the Director of Engineering Requirements for the 1988 Presidential Inauguration, he led over 200 people while designing and implementing a Washington, DC Metropolitan Area radio network project to provide security and control during the 1988 Presidential Inaugural.  At the Pentagon, as the HQ USAF Secure Voice Program Manager, he was responsible for the transition of antiquated secure voice devices to a state of the art world-wide command and control secure voice system.


Value Enterprise Solutions, Inc., Tampa, FL

President, September 2008 – Present

Incorporated a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Disadvantaged Business in the State of Florida. Business Model is dual track: (1) Continuing Education & Training and (2) Information Technology services supporting Command, Control, Communications, and Computer (C4) throughout the Department of Defense.  Registered in the Federal Central Contractor Register (CCR) using North American Industry Classification System (NACIS) codes for Professional Development Training and Computer Facilities Management Services.  Certified as a Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) in the State of Florida by August 2009.  Hired a Contract Training instructor to market and deliver  continuing education and training courses throughout DOD. Established a Teaming Agreement with General Dynamics (GDIT) in March 2011.  Assisted GDIT with responding to a USSOCOM  Information Technology Services contract in support of the United States Special Operations Command Special Operations Forces (SOF).   As a result of winning the contract, Value Enterprise Solutions, Inc. now has three (3) full time employees working in direct support of the SOF.  Two of them work at MacDill AFB, Florida; and one of his network engineers works at Fayetttevill, NC.  The contract is a five (5) year multi-million dollar contract with continued growth potential.   The SOF is well known as they are credited with the capture and death of Osama Bin Laden.

MANTECH Telecommunications & Information Systems Corporation (MTISC) Tampa, FL

Executive Director, 1999−2008

Hired by this global corporation to oversee and direct operational and maintenance requirements for network services at the newly established MTISC office in Tampa, Florida. Conceptualized the Tampa vision and business development objectives. Furnished the office with supplies and equipment, and connected the local area network with external communications.  Grew annual revenue to $5+M.

  • Defined the business development plan with primary objective of introducing MTISC to the government and proceeded by conducting high-level capability briefings to military personnel at MacDill AFB.

– Focused on needs identification at MacDill and positioning MTISC to meet those needs. Identified a lack of expertise and professional response among technicians as a result of poor management and leadership from the 10+ companies providing existing services to MacDill.

– Gained preferred provider status and ranked #2 within two years by developing and implementing solutions that supported the communications center operations 24/7, and by growing the network support team from five technicians to more than 20 technical specialists.

  • Directed a major ongoing initiative maintaining network circuitry to facilitate base communications with global military locations in support of the war on terror. Installed five different classifications of communications, including circuitry, using MTISC technicians.
  • Provided daily project management oversight to five separate work centers responsible for the execution of multiple multi-million dollar projects.
  • Instructed and mentored project/program managers to ensure that projects were planned, executed, monitored, and controlled ensuring that projects and/or programs were accomplished in a timely manner and below cost.  Where projects required additional time/resources, he provided executive level leadership as appropriate.
  • Led a long-neglected key records management program recommending the conversion of records dating back to 1995 to electronic form. Expanded the records management function from zero to five operators and conducted an independent assessment of program effectiveness.  Developed the Command “Get Well” plan and developed the “road map” for implementation.
  • Established a Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA) allowing MTISC to perform professional engineering services for all potential customers at US Central Command (USCENTCOM), US Special Operations Command (USSOCOM), the Joint Communications Support Element (JCSE), and the 6th Air Refueling Wing (6ARW) at MacDill.
  • Continually drove marketing and program expansion at MacDill, increasing MTISC staff to 65 and achieving a 95+% retention rate, compared to the industry average of 80%, by cultivating a strong corporate culture.

TRI-COR Industries, Inc., Tampa, FL

Vice President, 1997−1999

Opened the Tampa office, developed business plan, and marketed company capabilities to MacDill AFB―within 12 months awarded two contracts in excess of $200K.

  • Spearheaded initiative to market a Communications Consolidation project at MacDill and chosen from among several different companies to serve as project/program manager and integrator. MacDill personnel provided leadership, evaluated the competition, identified duplicative efforts, and recommended a strategy that projected $5 to $10M in savings when implemented.
  • Conceived $50K Electronic Publishing project as a result of migration from paper to electronic publishing. Collaborated with subject matter experts and delivered presentation on the benefits of implementing the project.

–       Convinced USSOCOM leadership of the value of electronic publishing to its mission and the program was executed with great success.

–       Based on the value added of this program, the government lead person was selected by the Commander-in-Chief and received the 1998−1999 Productivity Award.

United States Central Command (USCENTCOM) MacDill AFB, FL

Chief Plans, Programs, and Resources Division, 1992−1997

Led staff of 24 officers and managed $6M annual communications/computer budget in support of

HQ USCENTCOM continuity of mission-critical military operations.

  • Wrote and administered the first ever 500 Day Plan for USCENTCOM documenting and recommending specified communications technology strategy.
  • Led engineering team into Somalia and developed communications infrastructure proposal for the United Nations (UN) outlining early withdrawal of US forces from Somalia.
  • Provided leadership, management, and project management training to officers and enlisted people alike on a continuing basis
  • Member of J6 Joint Task Force, Southwest Asia, leading over 500 US and Coalition Forces providing communications/computer services to forces controlling and enforcing UN sanctions over Iraq’s “No-Fly” zone.

31st Communications Squadron, Homestead AFB, FL

Commander, 1990−1992

Led squadron of approximately 140 while providing communications and computer support to Homestead AFB and all tenant units. Planned and coordinated activities including the Air Force Four Star conferences, congressional office visits, and continuous major Air Force Command (MAJCOM) conferences.

Directed a base wide computer project to upgrade and replace over 2000 desk top computers with state of the art desk tops, monitors, and servers.  Established a base local area network to facilitate communications among and between the Wing Commander, group commanders, squadron commanders, and their supporting staffs.

Organized and directed the flawless evacuation of personnel and protection of resources from Homestead AFB in preparation for Hurricane Andrew. Established Damage Assessment Team that assisted with base restoration and managed 125 highly skilled technicians and operators in restoring communications, computers, and air traffic control services for community of 10,000 salvaging more than $10M in capital equipment.

National Military Command Center, Washington, DC

Director Communications Systems, 1988−1990

Directed staff of 45 providing communications support to the Office of the Secretary of Defense, the Office of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and the Air Staff.  Led communications-computer project initiatives and provided instruction to his leadership teams in the proper planning and execution of these initiatives. Personally managed the communications teams that deployed throughout the world with the Secretary of Defense and the Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff. Established and led the execution of vital communications connectivity (voice, data, and video) for US and Coalition Forces serving in the Middle East during Operation Desert Shield and Operation Desert Storm.


  • Master of Arts, Business Administration & Management, Webster College
  • Bachelor of Science, Chemical Engineering, University of Puerto Rico
  • Certificate, Project Management (PMP), Project Management Institute


  • Proposal Writing Course, Chantilly, Virginia (24 Hours)
  • Dr. John Maxwell Leadership Course, Tampa, Florida (8 Hours)
  • Internet/Intranet Operations Course, GTE University (8 Hours)
  • Advanced Communications-Computer Course, Air University (Two Weeks)
  • Internet & World Wide Web Course, Guthy Renker (8 Hours)
  • Executive Forum on Communications-Computer Systems, Air University (One Week)
  • Engineering Fundamentals Course, University of South Florida (Three Months)
  • Air War College, Air University (One Year)
  • Data Base III Plus Course, Air University (8 Hours)
  • Communications & Intelligence Systems, Department of Defense (One Week)
  • Command and General Staff School, School of the Americas (One Year)
  • Computer Programming (BASIC) Course, University of Georgia (Three Months)
  • Communications Security Course, National Security Agency (One Week)
  • National Communications Course, National Security Agency (One Week)
  • Air Command and Staff College, Air University (One Year)
  • Inspector General Course, Nellis Air Force Base (One Week)
  • Chief of Maintenance Course, Ramstein Air Base (One Week)
  • Combat Operations Specialist Course, Sembach Air Base (One Week)
  • Squadron Officers School, Air University (Three Months)
  • Communications Systems Staff Officer Course, Air University (Seven Months)

HARDWARE/SOFTWARE: Secure voice equipment, Crypto devices, Satellite terminals, local area networks, PC Workstations, lap tops, modems; Windows/95/98/NT, Microsoft Office Suites


  • Armed Forces Communications Electronics Association (AFCEA)

– Regional Vice President, South Florida

– Board Member

– Member of the Leadership Society

  • Supporting Americas Finest, Inc. – A Non-Profit Organization


  • AFCEA Chairman’s Superior Service Award, 2005
  • Tampa St. Petersburg AFCEAN of the Month, 2003
  • General James Rockwell AFCEAN of the Year Award, 2001
  • AFCEA Leadership Award, 1998 & 1999

LANGUAGES:  Spanish, English

GEOGRAPHICAL EXPERIENCES: Somalia, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Greece, Crete, Italy, Germany, England, Spain, Luxemburg, Belgian, Japan, Thailand, Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and Continental U. S.


Chairman, Center for Networks, Deloitte

Executive Vice President, AFCEA International