How Powerful is Story Telling in Public Speaking?

Want to drive a point home with impact? Tell a story! Want to hit the target on the message you want your audience to remember and act on? Tell a story!

Telling your story involves your audience and engages them on the journey you are painting for them. Even better, you now have the opportunity in ending the story to add your “and the moral of the story is….” a needed and striking lesson-learning stamp on your key point.

There are essential factors in being a great story teller and doing the correct actions to captivate your audience or prospect. These are the keys that create an ambiance of having your audience on the edge of their seats or, better yet, having them feel like they are sitting on grandpa’s lap anticipating the adventure and its ending.

These essentials are:

> Use of emotion to captivate your audience
> Use of vocal “variety” and vocal qualities to continue to attract attention and not bore your audience
> Physically alive expression of the story
> Natural humor to entertain your audience
> How to describe your experience so your audience experiences the journey

There are 2 ways to gain more know-how on this subject and be a much better story-teller.

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Story telling is intimate, personal and increases credibility and trust as a speaker. Audiences will feel more entertained, involved and most importantly.. moved.

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