Gary Iosbaker

Gary Iosbaker

Distinguished Technologist | Actionable Customer Intelligence Group | Communications and Media Solutions (CMS) | HP Enterprise Services | Sigourney, Iowa USA

Gary Iosbaker is a Distinguished Technologist in the HP Communications and Media Services organization.  He possesses over 30 years of experience in the software industry engaged in what he refers to as “industrial strength online computing.”  The bulk of his expertise is centered in the online financial payments and telecommunications industries where he has helped build and deliver software solutions that affect much of the world’s population.  If you use debit or credit cards, write checks, or carry a mobile phone there is a high probability that you depend on software solutions that Gary has helped to envision, design, build, or sell.  In his current role as Chief Technologist within the Actionable Customer Intelligence group (ACI) he is charged with the strategic evolution of the ACI software portfolio serving the telecommunications and cable industry.  He leads a multi-disciplinary, multi-national team of senior software architects who monitor the telecommunications industry identifying and anticipating technology trends and creating innovative responses to meet rapidly changing needs.

Drawn by the high quality of life that is available in the American heartland, Gary lives with his wife in a small town in Iowa.  He commutes across the country, and globally, as needed.  At home he enjoys the active community life and warm friendships that are some of the hallmarks of the Midwestern lifestyle.

“I loved your presentation and enjoyed the interactive dialogue using our very own group members to demonstrate the power of connecting with an audience. Someone with so much experience that continues to show their enthusiasm with helping others become better presenters is so refreshing to see and hear!”

– Janice Essick Regional Manager, Florida Bureau, Business Wire
(A Berkshire Hathaway Company)