Ethics Blind Spots on Your Team?

Ignore the subject or value of Ethics in your company or team and you will put yourself and your company in peril.

We come across many words to describe acceptable behavior or actions in business and in life. We hear words like “accountability” or “responsibility” or “claiming ownership” for your area of influence.

For some, it is an easy slogan to toss around with sometimes no idea of how to make a more ethical group or responsible team. Well, though it is the role of leadership to ensure that the standard and quality of people and their actions improve and evolve within their ranks, it is not so easy to understand why team members do not demand of others that they uphold the practices and standards of professionalism needed to help a company or business to expand and become more successful.

Yes it takes competency and skill and willingness to perform at high production levels….but performance levels will not maintain itself without a consistent ethical approach to care for your team and to also ensure that each client or customer is getting far more service than expected and that this level of quality is assumed and demanded throughout the business.

It is a measure of the ethics level of a company that each member or employee or team do not rely or depend on their senior management or superiors to ensure these standards, for after all, it would become a moral rule enforced on people rather than an individual choosing to act and operate responsibly within the group.

Ethical people act with awareness of consequences and prediction of their actions and the resultant outcomes, otherwise you have people with ethical blind spots and they are far more difficult to manage or lead.

So, a group becomes a true team when they demand from each other and ensure within their group that each operates with accountability; that each member stands up and becomes a model example of the high standards expected of them.

Team members that demonstrate this example become the future leaders of that company and have earned their stripes through inspiring others to do what is right, to be responsible and to act with integrity.

What a dream team to lead and be part of!

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Joe Yazbeck, Founder, President
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