Ending Your Speech with Strength and Inspiration

A Public Speaking & Effective Presentation Article By Leadership & Speaker Coach Joe Yazbeck

The conclusion is the most valuable, compelling and engaging part of your speech. Your conclusion must create positive anticipation and be crafted into a build-up so that it’s vividly memorable. It is in the conclusion that you are motivating your audience to commit to your call to action. In this case, your conclusion needs to be compelling and with an urgency that moves your audience to take action. It is here where your real leadership ability is demonstrated.

Have Your Q&A before Your Conclusion:
Remember, never have a question and answer period after your conclusion. It’s anticlimactic. Have your question and answer period before your conclusion. You could state something on the order of “Before I conclude my presentation, I would like to open this up to questions,” so you can close your speech at the momentum-building conclusion.

Summarize Key Points:
You may want to summarize your points at the end of your speech. Now deliver a brief final summary to give your audience a sense of what they’ve just experienced to tie it all together at the end.

Make a Direct Appeal:
Something like….“I’m urging every single one of you to take action, get involved and make a difference. This will take you making a firm decision. Let’s move forward.” ….You have the freedom to act and state accordingly since they’ve elected you their leader during that presentation time period.

Looking Forward:
Get your audience to look toward the future. ….“Success and prosperity is what the future will hold for you, ladies and gentlemen, as a result of your group involvement and teamwork you are dedicating yourself to today”….. This would be an effective statement of “look forward” to an audience you are seeking to get involved, volunteer or fundraise.

Refer Back to the Opening:
Another tip to consider is bringing it all together at the conclusion by giving your audience a sense that what you stated you were going to accomplish in the opening of your speech, has in fact been accomplished at the end of it.

Never use the phrase “in conclusion” It’s stereotypical and always used by amateurs.

So to ensure the ending of your presentations are memorable, climactic and motivating, make sure that your conclusion:

Builds momentum
Includes a summary of your points
Makes a sincere, direct appeal to your audience
Is directed to what you want your audience to commit to in the future
Follows your question and answer period to get that call to action delivered with impact.

Do this and you’ll have your audience sincerely and happily committing to your ideas, products, services or whatever it is that you hold for them in the future.

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Joe Yazbeck, Founder, President

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  1. Debbie T. on March 2, 2012 at 5:20 pm

    Very nice, Joe! I will try to remember this in my presentations and interviews!