Elisa Tacher Yazbeck

Elisa Yazbeck Public RelationsElisa Tacher Yazbeck
Vice President, Business Development

Elisa Tacher Yazbeck heads up our Business Development division for Prestige Leadership Advisors. She combines an unstoppable determination and imagination with an electric affinity that allows her clients to sail into the spotlight of success.

Utilizing her multilingual talents, she has operated on the international stage, taking fledgling businesses and launching them on to the front pages of major newspapers and magazines and positioning them over their competitors by savvy television and radio airplay.

Her genuine magnetic warmth, intelligence and persuasiveness give her an enormous advantage in negotiating her clients’ best interests in the topsy- turvy world of big media. Never given to arm twisting tactics, Elisa has the singular ability to walk into a lion’s den of hardened media executives and turning them into docile lambs.

Her conviction and integrity are irresistible because she understands that nothing is impossible for those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.