Dissolving the Fixed Ideas or Opinions of Your Audience

After an effectively delivered attention-getting opening, I advise speakers to take an additional step to ensure that they truly have their audiences with full attention in front of them and prepared to receive the main body or remainder of the presentation.

In this case, what I am referring to here are audience attendees who have made up their mind prior to attending, as to what you are going to cover and the approach you might be using. In other words, they have developed fixed opinions or pre-conclusions about you or your presentation before you even open your mouth to speak.

This is a barrier for a speaker and one that must be overcome or dissolved, at or just after the opening, to ensure you have your audience looking correctly and exactly at what you are about to cover with them. Otherwise, they have blinders on preventing them from observing for themselves what you are about to deliver.

You are unwrapping these blinders or pre-conclusions they have placed in front of themselves making it possible for your audience to be fully prepared to look at the real content and intent of your speech.

Just after the opening, I like to state to my audience something like ” Let me say to you what I am not going to cover in my presentation today”, and then tell them. Or, “You might be expecting a canned or typical presentation or approach on marketing today, I can tell you will not get that, instead what I am about to deliver is unique and newly evaluated information based on proven new case studies”. You want your attendees to be thinking to themselves, “Wow, well what is he going to cover today?” This is an eye and mind opener and prevents fixed ideas.

Your role here is to dissolve these fixed or pre-conceived ideas so that you have an audience willing and ready to hear exactly what you are going to cover. Now you are ready to deliver the main body of your presentation or speech, as you have now an audience with an open and ready-to-learn-something-new attitude or viewpoint.

To Your Speaking Success!  

Joe Yazbeck

International Speaker & Coach

Author, Best-Seller, No Fear Speaking