An economy is built flourishing on competent businesses providing high quality products and services the public need and want and are happy to exchange for. This concept is based on creation and expansion. 

A business creates its wealth with hard work by purposed team members achieving the goals of the company A business run well not only becomes the best investment opportunity and the most controllable investment but also the most essential building block of our economy. One does not have to have in order to do. One only needs to get into create mode and building toward the future. 

The “have” or fruits of labor shows up soon after the “do” has been sufficiently and abundantly created. Imagine the business leaders of a nation adopting this philosophy of competent leadership, highly trained teams, high quality products and services created, sold and delivered and the profits intelligently reinvested in improving that cycle–well you would have Economic Prosperity!!  

MOTTO: If you don’t have it, then create it!! 

A debt-less business and society is a sure fire guarantee of a prosperous, thriving one. 

All the Best, 

Joe Yazbeck 

President, Prestige Leadership Advisors 

Internationally Published Best Selling Author; Master Speaker & Trainer