9 Keys to Maintaining the Image & Look of a Successful Presentation

The set, the podium, the platform and any handouts you’re using with your presentation, are all
a part of an image that you’re conveying and therefore constitute a form of non-verbal
communication between you and your audience.

As such, these details need to be attended to or else a danger lies in them coming off as
distractions, interfering with your message.

Another huge element contributing to image is the look of the speaker, and that’s why I suggest
dressing suitably upscale in order to give your presentation the highest degree of legitimacy.
You must also take into account style of dress, color coordination and the choice of accessories
to be worn, including those things which need to be avoided such as wearing hats, hair that falls
in your eyes, tinted glasses and jewelry that reflects. Again, you don’t want anything to cause
distraction from your message or your delivery.

Here are 9 key points to consider in planning the staging and logistics of your event:

1. When dealing with props, be certain they’re not cumbersome or gaudy, and visual aids, as
previously mentioned, need to be displayed properly.

2. Sound impedance in the way of static, feed-back, muffled sound, etc., needs to be addressed,
so a test prior to speaking is called for to ensure that you’re clearly heard at the correct volume
level and with the right tonality.

3. Will you be in a large venue or a small one? In either case, it’s important the room has
sufficient lighting and be arranged in an order that people can see without distracting glare or
insufficient lighting.

4. Room temperature is important to consider because the audience should be comfortable;
neither too hot nor too cold.

5. If you’re selling merchandise you will want it set up properly at the back of the room so that
it’s accessible without being an obstruction or to disrupt people entering or exiting.

6. Come up with your own checklist for your needs and proper stage management: the set, the
room, even apparel, clothing, name tags, registration table, refreshment table, video camera
and sound equipment.

7. Determine your presentation logistics prior to the event date so you have clarity of where
things are set up and they flow well from one speech section to the other.

8. Decide that your look, your room and all the materials in it are well integrated and properly
in place for your dynamic presentation to have the high class standard of professionalism as in a
multimillion dollar international concert

9. Most importantly is you, your look, your expressions, your confident walk and pose, your
smile, your appearance.

Those who would inspire others to greatness, must first exemplify greatness themselves

To Your Speaking Success,

Joe Yazbeck, Founder, President
Prestige Leadership advisors