3 Major Keys To Guarantee An Inspired Audience

* This article is an excerpt from the upcoming, highly anticipated book by Joe Yazbeck,
No Fear Speaking: High-Impact Presentation Skills & Public Speaking Secrets to Inspire & Influence Any Audience

Inspiration is a natural result of the highly desirable connection you create with your audience because of your compelling, expressive communication with them.

There are three connections every public speaker and performing artist must make when they step onto a stage if they want to effectively communicate their message or art.

The Three Essential Connections

Speaker connected to their own message
Speaker connected to their audience
Message connected to the audience

Connecting with Your Message

The thing you must do as a presenter is connect with your own message.You must have a passion for your material; you must believe in the words you’re speaking.

Why is this so imperative? Because credibility starts with you. If you have no understanding of or passion behind what you’re saying, there is no chance that your audience will, either. You have to have a real connection with your presentation and the message you’re trying to convey if you wish to make a real impact.

Connecting with Your Audience

The second thing you must do as a presenter is connect with your audience.

You must establish a rapport with and feel a real respect and affinity for your audience, and your audience must feel a real respect and affinity for you.

Being a performer is a kind of alchemical process whereby your thoughts and emotions are transmuted and instantaneously picked up by the watching audience. But it’s not a one-way street: you must also resonate with that audience-they must feel that you care about them, and that you’re in tune with who they are.

When you begin a presentation, there is a gulf between you and your audience, and your job is to bridge that gulf. If you don’t engage and reach out to your audience in a welcoming manner, you’ll never be able to cross that distance and communicate your message. This is where knowing your audience and what they need and want comes in handy. The better your knowledge of whom you’re addressing, the better your chances of making a connection with them.

Connecting Your Message to Your Audience

The third thing you must do as a presenter is connect your message to your audience.

You cannot make this connection until the other two connections are already established. Once you’ve mastered your message and successfully reached out to your audience, however, this last connection should form naturally-your audience should be receptive to your message. All you have to do now is deliver it to them.

The Bottom Line

Delivering an inspiring presentation requires connecting with your message, connecting with your audience, and connecting the two (audience and message) to each other. Without all three connections, your presentation can’t succeed, but if you meet all three conditions, you will achieve authenticity and a real, naturally arrived-at communication through conversation. Your message will hit its mark and your audience will be moved and leave uplifted and inspired,

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