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Message from the Founder

Welcome to our website. We are dedicated to you, the industry professional, who seeks the proven know-how of leadership and public communications. We are proud to provide through numerous Prestige Leadership Advisors training programs, the most effective individual coaching and group workshop training available.

We are dedicated with the purpose to facilitate and develop aspiring and existing leaders to become inspiring powerful communicators so they can significantly influence the world around them.

We invite you to take advantage of our many complimentary offers on this site to start, reach into our offices with a phone call, email or through the various contact forms on our site to inquire about the best possible program for you.

We look forward to our first conversation with you to determine the best possible pathway to achieve your goals.

Here is to achieving the greatness you have dreamed of!

Joe Yazbeck
Founder, Prestige Leadership Advisors
Author, Best-seller, No Fear Speaking


To advise and develop ethical, competent and productive leaders who become powerful communicators improving the world they influence.

Key focus:

To provide effective leadership communications training and development of purposed professionals in numerous industries resulting in them becoming a highly reputable, respected and widely recognized authority in their industry.

How we deliver our training:

One on One Individual Personalized Coaching (In-person & Online)
Customized Corporate Training Programs
Introductory Seminars
1 and 2 Day Workshops
3-5 day Intensive Boot Camps
Online Webinar Training
Online Video Training Course
Special Event Speaking Engagements
Training the Trainer Programs

Industries we have served:

Technology - Financial Services – Law - Health Care – Accounting - Education - Public Service - Consulting and Training Services – Insurance - Real Estate - Banking – Construction - Engineering and Architecture - Performing Arts and Media – Military and Law Enforcement.


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Improving Communication in Your Personal and Professional Relationships


Developing the Ultimate Entrepreneurial Skill



Prestige Leadership Advisors’ leadership programs include major areas in developing a leader‘s ability and skill to not only communicate powerfully but also to lead effectively in business, in community, public service and life. Our clients are individually coached to meet and exceed the realistic world he or she will need to have a positive command over, after completing their program.

Leadership steps are also undertaken in training which includes the vital steps of strategic planning, organization development, team building and team achieving.

These steps also include public speaking and presentation skill training, PR and branding support, media coaching and publishing and writing services for your goals as an author. These key factors will shape your career as a leader including training programs that develop a leader to be a productive and accomplished one.

Exit strategy/succession planning steps of action are also applied so that a company owner or leader can smoothly evolve into their next successful venture.


Your answers to our key questions allows us to create a tailor-made program that are customized steps to carry out your training objectives. This gives a clear, correct and focused direction, a reliable compass for us to support you with a course of action consisting of the exact training and media support that will ensure you achieve your leadership, executive, speaker and career goals


One on One Professional VIP Coaching

Private one on one coaching to develop your leadership communication skills, build confidence in any executive scenario you speak or present in. These effective coaching segments will enable you to increase your ability to lead your team, inspire them to take


Corporate Training Programs

We deliver a variety of training programs for your company’s professional development needs. From executive leadership training to speaker skills training to sales and branding to public relations musts to employee engagement training programs, we will inform, educate, empower, motivate, influence and 


Public Speaking and Effective Presentation Training

This specialized speaker training is based on the best-selling book “No Fear Speaking” by Joe Yazbeck. This training consists of powerful skill-building exercises and drills that will enable you to perform confidently and comfortably in front of any size group or just one on one whether you 


Public Relations Support and Brand Messaging

How well you are thought of or identified by your specific buying pubic determines the positive positioning, status and image you want to capture in the eyes of your public.

Our key focus here is on branding, positioning and identifying our clients


Publishing and Writing Services

Being a published author is instrumental in gaining recognition, respect and deserved status for your work, passion and life-long ambition. This is a sure route to making you and your ideas well-known, well thought of and broadly distributed to the public.

It is a leader’s objective to inspire 


Media Coaching for Press Radio and TV

Media coaching involves learning the skills of how to smoothly and professionally handle the press, master media relations, communicate with confidence and command on camera for video, radio or TV commercials as well as the internet, including webinars and podcasts.


Business Strategies & Solutions

A successful business is a reflection of the owner’s leadership ability. Our business and organizational development consulting team offers our client business owners and executives the exact solutions needed to make a positive turnaround of a faltering business or accelerate the growth of a working business to ensure the stable 









“Joe Yazbeck’s coaching has had tremendous impact on my career. He has been an essential key to my evolving success!"


Chief Technology Officer, 
Hewlett Packard Computer Corp.

“Joe is a natural and engaging presenter and educator who believes that all of us can fulfill their potentials. I thoroughly enjoy working with and learning from him. His excitement about speaking is truly infectious. He is reliable, creative and easy to work with. His coaching strategies and techniques are cutting-edge and create fantastic results. I look forward to our weekly meetings and am constantly surprised by the new heights I have achieved in my own speaking abilities in very short order. Joe is truly awe-inspiring.”

JORYN JENKINS, Collaborative Divorce Attorney, Speaker, Author, CEO, Open Palm Law

“Joe Yazbeck was instrumental in helping my professional growth during the year we spent together. He is well versed in business, the arts, public speaking and is worldly in his endeavors. During our time together, Joe not only was my leadership/speaking coach but also become a close friend. Joe helps the Good Guys communicate to the masses so their voice can be heard. Thanks Joe for an incredible year together and assisting me in achieving my dreams and vision. I highly recommend his services and company.”

Dali Kranzthor, CFO, National Waste Management Holdings

“Joe skillfully helps executives learn and master the multidisciplinary skill-sets needed to reach peak performance in any presentation or performance situation. I will recommend him to all of my clients”

Pam Lagano, PR, Investor Relations, Marketing Consultant and Strategist

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Founder and President

Joe Yazbeck is the Founder, President and CEO of Prestige Leadership Advisors whose mission is to facilitate leaders in becoming dynamic powerful communicators so they can significantly influence the world around them. Having worked with heads of state to leaders of major corporations as well 

Management Specialist Trainer, Coach

Multi-talented in a diversity of valuable functions Burt Campbell’s expertise includes management coach, instructor, and operational expert and instructional designer. He regularly delivers leadership communications coaching and trains trainers to do the same. Burt’s 

Publishing & Writing Services

Howard Van Es is the founder of Let’s Write Books, Inc. and we are excited to have him as a strategic partner in publishing, seeking out and embracing the most modern publishing methods and marketing opportunities for our clients. Whether it is a 


Business Development Specialist

Michael Boyd has been consulting and training entrepreneurs and executives in business management, sales and communication for over a decade.

Michael is an entrepreneur and Business Optimization Specialist who has dedicated  his career on 

tonyr crop

Audio Video Production & Web Design

In 1995, before there was any talk of social media, Tony Rockliff created
Cybertown, an on-line social networking community of people from 155 countries interacting in a 3D Virtual Reality off-world town set about 100 years in the future. Cybertown grew to 1.3 members before Tony 


Sales Funnels and SEO

From an early age Brendan Haggerty just couldn't see the value in doing things the way they were always done and he wanted to make a difference.

This translated into a career in sales, marketing, public relations, management and bringing new and better ideas to industry and society at large.


Industry Consultant and Trainer

Joel Anderson is an Industry Consultant who works with construction, contracting and trade professionals showing them how to strengthen their businesses, practices and performance, enabling stable expansion of their activities and bottom line. Joel is a 46 year veteran of the construction



Business Development Specialist

Elisa Tacher-Yazbeck does so much more than developing new business for our company. She combines an unstoppable determination and imagination with an electric affinity that allows us, and more importantly our clients, to sail into the spotlight of success. Utilizing her multilingual



Accent Reduction and Speech Specialist

For over 25 years, Judy Young has been helping people to clearly and effectively speak the sounds of English. She has worked with clients from over 48 countries and 25 different languages, encompassing Central and Eastern Europe, Africa, North and South America and Asia. She has worked with professionals in the fields of engineering, IT, real estate, acting, medical professionals, public speakers, ministers, teachers, sales executives, administrators and business owners. She finds this work to be extremely rewarding, as it helps dissolve communication barriers and increase confidence in speaking English with ease.


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